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Flexible Polyester Elastomer Technology

Hytrel® is a TPC-ET thermoplastic polyester elastomer based on block copolymer technology

By leveraging the flexibility of rubber and the strength and processability of plastic, Hytrel® is a versatile and high-performance polymer which facilitates the design and manufacture of a wide variety of products.

With Hytrel®, it is possible to design and manufacture unique products combining many of the best features of high-performance elastomers and flexible plastic materials, whilst maintaining durability, chemical resistance and wide temperature range functionality.

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The Hytrel® portfolio

The Hytrel® TPC-ET portfolio leads the way in flexible, plasticiser-free polymer solutions across a wide range of industries including the medical, automotive, consumer and industrial markets.

Hytrel® available in a full range of Shore D hardnesses and is categorised into six main groups:

  • Hytrel® G – general purpose grades of TPC-ET. These grades offer the best balance of properties and cost.
  • Hytrel® - high performance grades of TPE-ET. These grades provide an extra measure of strength or serviceability in the most demanding applications and can be used in light-coloured parts.
  • Hytrel® HTR – specialty grades of TPC-ET. These grades include grades with enhanced properties or processing characteristics for specific applications
  • Hytrel® PC / SC – TPE-ET certified for healthcare / medical applications.
  • Hytrel® Concentrates – there are various additive-containing concentrates which can be blended with other Hytrel® resins to enhance specific properties, for example UV light stabilisers, flame retardant concentrates and heat stabilisers.
  • Hytrel® ECO B - delivering all of the benefits of Hytrel®, yet it contains up to 60 percent renewably sourced materials from biomass.
Hytrel range

Economical processing with Hytrel®

Hytrel® can be processed by injection moulding, blow moulding, rotational moulding, extrusion, and sheet, blown or cast film. The design and manufacturing versatility of Hytrel® often results in lighter weight and lower cost parts versus rubbers and other elastomers.

This makes Hytrel® the economical and sustainable choice.

Hytrel® TPC-ET's unique properties

Hytrel® offers a unique combination of mechanical, physical, and chemical properties that qualifies it for the most demanding applications.

Ideal applications for Hytrel®

Hytrel® is well known in the marketplace for providing designers with flexible design and manufacturing solutions. With an extensive variety of grades and concentrates available, Hytrel® leads the way for plasticiser-free TPC-ET solutions.

Our dedicated Hytrel® industry pages go into detail about the attributes of Hytrel® that make it ideal for particular applications.


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