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The Flexible Advantage

Features of Hytrel®

Hytrel®: plasticiser-free thermoplastic elastomer technology from DuPont™

Hytrel® is a block copolymer, consisting of a hard (crystalline) segment of polybutylene terephthalate and a soft (amorphous) segment based on polyether chemistry.

Properties are determined by the ratio of hard to soft segments and by the composition of the segments.

It is important to note that Hytrel® is inherently flexible; Hytrel® grades do not contain plasticisers. Plasticisers can migrate out of other competing TPE technologies over time, resulting in a loss of flexibility and part failure. With Hytrel®, its flexibility is permanent, resulting in excellent durability and elastic properties over time.

Hytrel flex

Competing TPE technologies

Hytrel Flexibility

Competing elastomers such as PVC, TPV and SEBS-based elastomers rely on liquid plasticisers to make them soft and flexible. Over time, these can migrate out resulting in a massive loss in elastomeric properties and part failure. Hytrel does not contain plasiticisers, meaning flexible, reliable performance for life.

Hytrel flexibility

Hytrel® for permanent performance

Other advantages Hytrel being plasticiser-free is that it has a much smoother and less tacky texture, unlike TPEs that contain liquid plasticiser such as paraffinic oils. This also helps to reduce dirt pick up and absorption of other oils. The elastomer chains in Hytrel® work together with the harder phase molecular chains, which provides advanced elastic properties such as higher tensile strength and improved ‘snap back’ properties when flexed or stretched through the temperature ranges. 

Scratch resistance is also improved with Hytrel® versus compounded TPE solutions, as the polymerised chemistry acts more like a rubber with the molecular chains working together under abrasion conditions.

Hytrel® is the ultimate performance elastomer solution that lasts for the duration of your product.

Hytrel® harness range vs. competing chemistries

Hytrel flex

Other features of Hytrel®

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