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Hytrel® for Wire and Cable Applications

Hytrel®: the perfect choice for wire and cable applications

Hytrel® is a unique TPC-ET which provides the flexibility of rubbers, the strength of plastics and the processability of thermoplastics. This incredible combination of features makes Hytrel® the material for choice for wire and cable applications in the consumer, automotive, electronic, industrial and construction sectors.

Hytrel® properties

Hytrel® is perfectly suited to wire and cable applications because of its inherent combination of properties which harness the flexibility of rubbers and the strength and durability of plastics:

  • Flexibility and strength without plasticisers (30-82D)
  • Outstanding flex fatigue and cut growth resistance
  • Excellent chemical and heat resistance
  • Good abrasion and tear resistance
  • Low modulus, halogen-free and FR
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)
  • Easily colourable, easy to handle and process
  • Easy peel grades available
Hytrel wire and cable
Distrupol wire and cable

Versatile solutions across the board

Hytrel® is a first-choice material for optical fibre tight buffers and mini loose tubes and provides a wide range of application benefits that help to protect the fibre from mechanical and environmental damage.

Its innate properties also make it an ideal polymer for insulating and jacketing of offshore cabling, where Hytrel® is often chosen to provide a slimmer profile versus alternative chemistries. This enables the design of lighter cables, supporting weight and cost reduction, as well as easier routing through cramped spaces by utilising its tighter bend radius. The flex-fatigue properties of Hytrel® make it the material of choice for constant movement applications, such as robotics, coil cords, sensors and other industrial cable uses.

Hytrel® - flexible at low temperatures

Against competing flexible polymer technologies, Hytrel® continues to offer excellent flexibility at sub-zero temperatures, where other chemistries tend to stiffen, lose their flexibility, and break.

The chart to the right demonstrates the stability of Hytrel® at low temperatures as opposed to TPU materials.

Hytrel wire and cable

Hytrel® concentrates

DuPont™ have expertly developed a range of concentrates which can further enhance the properties of Hytrel. This is particularly interesting for wire and cable applications.

Hytrel concentrates

Hytrel® in action

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