Trifilon. Creating a path to more sustainable plastics.

Trifilon’s roots lie in high-tech carbon-fibre. In 2006 they set out to find an organic, renewable feedstock alternative which they could use to reinforce a plastic - hemp. Trifilon discovered that hemp-filled plastics offer outstanding mechanical properties, which are consistent and easy to process. Today, Trifilon offers products containing biocomposite materials including hemp fibres and starch, as well as post-industrial waste.  

Trifilon BioLite® is a greener alternative to moulded plastics, which blends responsibly-sourced polypropylene with industrial hemp fibres.

Trifilon Switch® is a bio-based plastic that uses polymer resins derived from starch (plant-based), and reinforces them with industrial hemp fibres.

Trifilon Revo® is a recycled polymer biocomposite using high quality and consistent post-industrial polypropylene that is reinforced with industrial hemp fibres.


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