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Tests Explained provides you with explanations and diagrams related to the test methods used to measure many of the common properties included on material datasheets.

To view details of a specific test method, just scroll down to the relevant category, find the property you want to know more about, and click on one of the associated links to show details of a test method related to that property.


 Outdoor Suitability
 RoHS Compliance


 Apparent Density / Bulk Density / Bulk Factor
 Apparent Viscosity
 Bulk Density / Bulk Factor / Apparent Density
 Density / Specific Gravity
 Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance (ESCR)
 ESCR - Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance
 Melt Mass-Flow Rate (MFR)
 Humidity Absorption / Water Absorption
 Melt Viscosity
 Melt Volume-Flow Rate (MVR)
 MFR - Melt Mass-Flow Rate
 Mould Shrinkage
 MVR - Melt Volume-Flow Rate
 Viscosity Number
 Water Absorption / Humidity Absorption


 Apparent Bending Modulus
 Ball Indentation Hardness
 Barcol Hardness
 Charpy Impact Strength (Notched)
 Charpy Impact Strength (Unnotched)
 Coefficient of Friction
 Compressive Modulus
 Compressive Strength / Compressive Stress
 Dart Drop Impact Strength
 Dart Drop Total Energy Impact Strength
 Dart (Dynatup) Instrumented Impact Strength
 DBTT - Ductile / Brittle Transition Temperature
 Deformation Under Load
 Drop Impact Resistance
 Ductile / Brittle Transition Temperature
 Durometer Hardness / Shore Hardness (A,C,D)
 Elongation at Break / Strain at Break
 Elongation at Yield / Yield Strain
 Fatigue Limit
 Flexural Creep
 Flexural Creep Modulus (1h, 1000h)
 Flexural Modulus
 Flexural Strength / Flexural Stress
 Gardner Impact Strength
 Hardness, Barcol
 Hardness, Rockwell (A,E,K,L,M,R)
 Hardness, Shore (Durometer) (A,C,D)
 Impact Resistance, Drop
 Impact Strength, Charpy Notched
 Impact Strength, Charpy Unnotched
 Impact Strength, Dart Drop
 Impact Strength, Dart Drop Total Energy Impact
 Impact Strength, Gardner
 Impact Strength, Instrumented Dart (Dynatup)
 Impact Strength, Multi-Axial Instrumented
 Impact Strength, Izod Notched
 Impact Strength, Izod Unnotched
 Impact Strength, Tensile
 Impact Strength, Tensile Notched
 Instrumented Dart (Dynatup) Impact Strength
 Izod Impact Strength (Notched)
 Izod Impact Strength (Unnotched)
 Multi-Axial Instrumented Impact Strength
 Notched Charpy Impact Strength
 Notched Izod Impact Strength
 Notched Tensile Impact Strength
 Poissons Ratio
 Reversed Notched Izod Impact
 Rockwell Hardness (A,E,K,L,M,R)
 Secant Modulus (MD/TD)
 Shear Modulus
 Shear Strength
 Shore Hardness / Durometer Hardness (A,C,D)
 Strain at Break / Elongation at Break
 Stress at 50%, 100% etc. Strain
 Stress at Break
 Taber Abrasion Resistance
 Tensile Creep
 Tensile Creep Modulus (1h, 1000h)
 Tensile Elongation at Break / Strain at Break
 Tensile Elongation at Yield / Yield Strain
 Tensile Impact Strength
 Tensile Modulus
 Tensile Notched Impact Strength
 Tensile Strength / Tensile Stress at Break
 Tensile Strength at Yield / Tensile Stress at Yield
 Tensile Stress at 50%, 100% etc. Strain
 Tensile Stress at Break / Tensile Strength
 Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS)
 Unnotched Charpy Impact Strength
 Unnotched Izod Impact Strength
 UTS - Ultimate Tensile Strength
 Yield Strain / Elongation at Yield
 Yield Strength / Yield Stress

Thermal and Flammability

 5V, UL/UL94/IEC Flame Rating
 UL 94IEC 60695-11-10,-20              
 5VA, UL/UL94/IEC Flame Rating
 5VB, UL/UL94/IEC Flame Rating
 Accelerated Oven Ageing
 Brittleness Temperature
 Change in Shore/Durometer Hardness in Air
 Change in Shore/Durometer Hardness in Oil
 Change in Tensile Modulus in Air
 Change in Tensile Strain at Break in Air
 Change in Tensile Strain at Break in Liquid 
 Change in Tensile Strength in Air
 Change in Tensile Strength in Liquid
 Change of Ultimate Elongation in Air
 Change in Ultimate Elongation in Liquid
 CLTE - Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
 CLTE (TMA) - Coefficient of Linear Thermal
Expansion (TMA)  
 Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE)

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