Biffa Polymers is one of the UK's leading plastic recycling companies.

Operating at the world famous Wilton International site, Biffa  Polymers has grown to now produce around  40,000 Te per year of recycled compounds and regrinds.

With a proven high level of technical competence, Biffa Polymers was the first company in the world to produce food approved recycled HDPE compound.
Recycling  a wide range of  plastics in PP and PE, Biffa Polymers is able to produce highly specified recycled compounds at cost effective prices which can be  supplied to global markets.

Biffa strives to recycle significant amounts of plastic so that the materials can be reused, replacing the need for producing more plastic that will later go to landfill. Their innovative plastics recycling facilities and processes have a positive environmental impact, and they endeavour to improve upon the amount of plastic they process each year.


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BIFFA Mixed Plastics Recycling Facility