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Distrupol Sustainability

At Distrupol, we recognise the importance of acting responsibly, safely and with integrity, in order to contribute to a sustainable future. ​

As such, we have developed a three-pronged approach to sustainable business and reducing our environmental impact. This comprehensive method ensures that we are able to act sustainably as a business, whilst also positively impacting the sustainability of our customers and their products. We take heed and direction from both government policies and industry initiatives and keep updated with sustainability project developments to guarantee we stand at the forefront of sustainable business.

In our industry, we all need polymer solutions that are sustainable and safe. This means reduced emissions, a reduced impact on the environment (including oceans), reduced polymer waste and improved recyclability and reusability. Making plastics part of a sustainable future is a collaborative effort. As leaders and experts in our industry, we recognise the responsibility we have to continue to drive sustainability efforts and work with suppliers, customers and other organisations to support the safe and responsible use of plastics in 2020 and beyond.

We work tirelessly to ensure our business processes are optimised and our best practices are as efficient and effective as possible, to reduce our impact on the environment and maximise our sustainability efforts. These include:

Distrupol Sustainability Transport
  • Investing in communications technology, including conference calling and video calling facilities, to reduce the need for site-to-site travel.
  • Utilising smart warehousing and logistics to optimise storage and deliveries and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Optimising the efficiency of energy and resource use, including office lighting and electricity, paper usage and recycling.


Distrupol prioritises safety and sustainability in every aspect of what we do. Read our sustainability policy here. To find out more about our quality and safety processes, click here.


Operation Clean Sweep Distrupol

Operation Clean Sweep® is an international initiative to reduce plastic pellet loss to the environment, led by the British Plastics Federation in the UK. The initiative’s aim is to ensure that the plastic pellets, flakes and powders that go through manufacturing facilities are handled with care and do not end up in our oceans. Distrupol’s commitment to Operation Clean Sweep® means that we adhere to best practices and implement systems to reduce plastic pellet loss throughout our supply chain. View our commitment here.


Distrupol EcoVadis

Distrupol holds a 'Silver' rating accreditation by EcoVadis.

>> View our certificate here

>> Find out more here


Distrupol Denmark ApS is proud to be supporting the sales and distribution of ISCC PLUS certified bio-circular material using a mass-balance chain of custody approach.

>> View our certificate here

ISCC Distrupol Denmark

Distrupol is proud to partner with a range of supply partners who develop and incorporate recycled, renewably-sourced and sustainable polymer materials into their portfolios. These include, but are not limited to, DuPont™, INEOS, Hexpol, Biffa® Polymers, Trifilon and H. J. Enthoven.

Distrupol Recycled Polymer Flake

Our extensive sustainable polymer solutions portfolio features innovative polymers which deliver high-quality results with a reduced impact to the environment. 

  • Hytrel® ECO B Zytel® RS - renewably-sourced engineering biopolymers from Celanese
  • Delrin® Renewable Attributed - acetal homopolymer from DuPont™ with base polymer produced from 100% bio-feedstock from waste (ISCC mass balance)
  • PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) - water-soluble polymer
  • Distrupol Pre-CW - pre-consumer waste, reprocessed polypropylene
  • Recycl-IN - compounded polymers featuring post-consumer recycled plastic from INEOS
  • BIFFA r-HDPE & BIFFA r-PP Compound - recycled HDPE and post-consumer polypropylene compounds from Biffa® Polymers
  • Enthoven Recycled PPC - recycled polypropylene copolymer from H. J. Enthoven
  • Dryflex® Circular & Dryflex® Green - TPEs featuring post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled material, and raw materials from renewable resources from Hexpol
  • Trifilon BioLite®Trifilon Revo® & Trifilon Switch® - innovative biobased materials featuring hemp fibres

 For more information on our portfolio of sustainable polymers, please get in touch.

Distrupol’s dedicated Development Engineer team have been supporting manufacturers across Europe to develop innovative, effective and results-driven plastic parts and products for over 50 years.

Over recent years, part of this service has become more prominently about developing sustainable polymer solutions. With extensive knowledge, industry awareness and a genuine passion for plastic manufacturing, our development engineers work with customers, manufacturers and OEMs to make plastic components more sustainable. 

Design Develop Deliver Sustainability

Each project is unique, and there is a variety of ways to make polymer processing more sustainable. However, by working in partnership with Distrupol, we can support you to make informed decisions about your sustainability efforts. This could include:

  • Redesigning parts to require less plastic material.
  • Improving processibility of material to reduce energy usage.
  • Replacing materials to make parts more durable and less likely to need disposing of and replacing.
  • Incorporating more materials from our sustainable polymer portfolio into a project.

Find out more about our value-added sustainability services here.

Sustainability at Distrupol

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