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Temperature Resistance

Features of Hytrel®

Operate at a wide temperature range with Hytrel®

Hytrel® demonstrates excellent heat ageing performance, maintaining its flexibility at very low temperatures and its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. The broad and consistent temperature performance of Hytrel® (-40°C to 150°C) makes it an ideal flexible polymer solution for the automotive, wire and cable, industrial and consumer sectors. Hytrel® is also used for polymer modification to improve the temperature performance properties of polymers such as PVC, ABS, PBT and PET.

Hytrel temperature

Reduce heat ageing with Hytrel®

For where temperature performance needs to be enhanced even further, Hytrel® 30HS can be considered. Hytrel® 30HS is an innovative Hytrel® concentrate from Celanese. At a let-down ratio of around 5%, it reduces thermal oxidative degradation to extend useful life at elevated temperatures.

Hytrel heat
Hytrel temperature

As a general rule, the best heat resistance is provided be the hardest, stiffest Hytrel® grades, whereas better performance in low temperature environments is provided by the more flexible Hytrel® grades.

Other features of Hytrel®

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