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Hytrel® for Consumer Applications

Hytrel® for home and consumer goods

Hytrel® TPC-ET is the ultimate polymer material choice for consumer product designs which need to be flexible whilst maintaining strength and durability. With renewably sourced grades available, Hytrel® is also a sustainable solution for flexible polymer requirements.

We can find Hytrel® in many consumer facing goods, from furniture to wearable technology. Often chosen over traditional material such as rubber or TPU for its additional properties of chemical resistance, resistance to water and dirt and its ability to offer consistent flexural and structural properties when bent repeatedly over long periods of time.

Hytrel® properties

Hytrel® is perfectly suited to consumer goods applications because of its inherent combination of properties which harness the flexibility of rubbers and the strength and durability of plastics:

  • Inherently flexible with no need for plasticisers
  • Excellent fatigue resistance for greater product life
  • High temperature durability and low temperature flexibility
  • Superior flow for super-thin wall design
  • Elastomeric snap fit and integral seal properties
  • Completely halogen-free

You can also design with sustainability in mind by leveraging the innovation of the Hytrel® RS range of renewably sourced TPC-ET materials. Find out more about this portfolio on our Hytrel® RS sustainability page.

Hytrel consumer

Hytrel® in action

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