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Design, Develop & Deliver

Our dedicated team of highly skilled Development Engineers can assist you right from the earliest concept stages of product development. By utilising Distrupol’s expertise from day one of your concept and part design, you can take advantage of our experience and knowledge of related product designs with access to our extensive database of best design principles. This will enable you to get it right first time, knowing what works well and what to avoid, whilst remaining cost and time effective. 

Distrupol’s Development Engineers are complemented by part and tool designers. By attending tooling and part reviews, we can further share our experiences on best practice for mould tool designs. We can help ensure runners and gates are optimally designed for our polymer, considering the part wall section and what’s needed to fill and pack it correctly. Using our Moldex 3D analysis, two ways that we can provide design verification is to confirm best practices for venting and advise on best tool surface finishes to aid part ejection. We can discuss moulding options for high-friction elastomeric materials and ensure the cooling being put out is in accordance with the polymer manufacturer recommendations. 

Distrupol have over 4,000 polymer grades to offer you, and considering your technical requirements and project parameters, we can identify which specific grades could meet your needs. We consider any thermal and chemical resistance requirements, any weight or load the product needs to bear and any certification (WRAS, REACH. UL 94, Food etc.) that is necessary, to determine which polymers are suitable. Along with material selection support, we can advise on the optimal manufacture method considering your product, the material and the associated specifications.


Distrupol and supporting supply partners regularly commit to market research and knowledge sharing, in order to observe and monitor market trends, innovations and changes in regulations which could enhance our polymer portfolio.

By working in partnership with Distrupol, we can introduce you to innovative new polymers which benefit your products and add value. This might be relative to recyclability and biodegradability, metal replacement, high modulus grades (making thinner parts and using less material), or automotive approved polymers with more resistance to heat over time.

Our experts will work with you to consider all aspects of product, part and tool design to produce your products successfully, efficiently and effectively.


Distrupol are an official outlet for Moldex3D simulation services. By applying your design in Moldex3D, we can simulate how the part fills with our thermoplastics. This analysis enables us to ensure that the designed part will fill properly with acceptable filling pressures and flow rates. We can also detect potential sinkage and gas trap faults and determine the best gate positions.

The Distrupol Engineering team are expertly trained on process optimisation and are supported by an extensive database of scientific processing data. We can assist with the tooling process, by attending tool trials and troubleshooting sessions to support you to get the most out of our polymer. Working together through the testing and trialling stage, we can help resolve your processing challenges, going back to basic principles and re-establishing the best settings to get the optimum part and yield. 

Distrupol has access to various laboratory facilities to analyse actual parts, sampling and performance. If you have a sample part and need to identify the resin type, we can use our facilities and laboratory methods to identify a polymer type via FTIR, DSC, TGA, MFR and more. We can also support you with issues concerning part failure, in order to determine what went wrong. Through various part fault analysis methods, including the use of electron bean microscopes and microtome sections, we can evaluate the fault or stress areas to discover where the issue(s) lie, and then work with you on a resolution. As well as this, we can help ensure moisture sensitive polymers are dried correctly using our IR weight lost testing equipment.


By using your 3D part data, we can look at whether or not the design is capable of withstanding a given load by performing a Finite Element Analysis (FEA). We can further look at any areas where stresses concentrate and give advice on how to alter the design to spread the load to avoid potential part failure. With some of our materials, we can also simulate drop impact scenarios to understand how the part performs when accelerating towards another object.

We can analyse, optimise and resolve your processing challenges with our knowledge, experience and technical resources.


Distrupol are serious about safety. Safety is our first priority: safe transport and storage of products, safe operational practices and safe working conditions enable us to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. 

We know how important it is to have your material in the right place, at the right time, for the right job. Considering this, Distrupol has made significant investments into our warehousing and logistics facilities so that we can deliver in full, on time, every time. With localised logistic support across our Distrupol group, we can export material to anywhere around the world, from 25kg single bags to full truck loads, octabins to bulk deliveries and more. If you require your polymer to be repacked, Distrupol can offer a material repacking service to guarantee that your material is delivered exactly how you require.

To ensure continuity of quality and excellence, Distrupol has dedicated warehousing facilities suitable for the storage and distribution of a versatile portfolio of polymers including medically certified products. Optimally located warehouses in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden and Finland enable us to offer our customers next day delivery, meaning that Distrupol can alleviate issues related to unexpected planning.


OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, with internal safety regulations being of the utmost importance, you can rely on Distrupol to effectively and efficiently deliver your solution. With experienced and highly qualified logistical teams across our European distribution points, Distrupol are able to commit to maintaining a positive environmental culture through the successful planning of operations, provision of suitable facilities and responsible waste management. 

Distrupol’s comprehensive logistic network enables the efficient and reliable delivery of your material, where and when you need it.

Design, Develop & Deliver

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