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High performance PBT techology

Crastin® – high performance engineering PBT for injection moulding and extrusion applications

Crastin® is the leading brand name of PBT chemistry from Celanese, known as Polybutylene Terephthalate. Crastin® PBT offers excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical strength and dimensional stability along with good colourability and UV resistance.

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The Crastin® Portfolio

The Crastin portfolio covers virtually all relevant markets including electric vehicles, electrical, medical, food contact, consumer goods and industrial applications.

The comprehensive portfolio can be categorised as follows:

Crastin® S600 – unreinforced PBT with an excellent surface appearance

Crastin® Super Fast – unreinforced and much improved processing cycle times

Crastin® SK – glass reinforced PBT offering high stiffness and superior thermal resistance

Crastin® HR - glass reinforced offering hydrolysis resistance in humid/hot environments

Crastin® FG - uunreinforced and glass reinforced grades for food contact applications

Crastin® Low Warpage – glass reinforced PBT with specialised low warpage technology

Crastin® Toughened– unreinforced and glass reinforced impact modified technology

Crastin® FR – unreinforced and glass reinforced non halogenated flame retardant technology

Crastin® SC - Unreinforced and glass reinforced grades for medical devices

Crastin® BM – unreinforced blow mouldable technology


Crastin® PBT's unique properties

Crastin® is used in a versatile range of applications across many industries due to its unique and highly advantageous product properties.

The right application for Crastin®

Our dedicated Crastin® industry pages go into great detail about the attributes of Crastin® that make it ideal for particular applications.


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