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Unique Acetal Homopolymer Chemistry

Delrin® – high performance engineering acetal homopolymer for injection moulding and extrusion applications

Delrin® is the leading brand name of a unique type of acetal chemistry known as acetal homopolymer or polyoxymethylene (POM). Delrin® acetal offers best in class mechanical properties in terms of rigidity, impact resistance, elongation at break and tensile yield strengths. No other acetal competes with the mechanical properties of Delrin®.

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The Delrin® portfolio

With one of the most extensive acetal portfolios on the market, we can cater for a versatile range of industries, including automotive, food, healthcare, industrial, consumer goods and more.

The comprehensive portfolio can be categorised both by properties and by series.

By properties/ application

Delrin® Classic - the classic series with best in class mechanical properties

Delrin®(processing) - enhanced melt stability properties

Delrin® Eleven - enhanced nucleation, offering increased tensile strength

Delrin® Low Wear and Friction - advanced and modified solutions to reduce friction and wear

Delrin® CPE - the latest in low formaldehyde emissions offering best in class VDA 275 performance

Delrin® SC (special control) - a tailored offering for the healthcare sector

Delrin® FG - grades designed for the food industry complying with FDA and EU 10/2011 regulations

Delrin® Speciality - speciality Delrin® grades bringing UV resistance, toughened and more

Delrin® Renewable Attributed- acetal homopolymer based on 100% bio-feedstock from waste

By series

Delrin® 100 series - High viscosity homopolymer acetal for use in easy-to-fill moulds (thick walls). Best combination of strength, toughness and creep resistance without modification.

Delrin® 300 series - Medium-high viscosity homopolymer  acetal with an outstanding balance of ease of processing and mechanical performance.

Delrin® 500 series - General purpose medium viscosity homopolymer acetal with an optimum combination of flow and mechanical performance.

Delrin® 900 series - Low viscosity homopolymer acetal for multi-cavity and thin wall moulding.

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Delrin® acetal's unique properties

Delrin® is used in a versatile range of applications across many industries due to its distinct mechanical advantages over other polymer chemistry types.

The right application for Delrin®

Delrin® is a well-known brand name in the plastic industry; engineers and designers rely on its unique, enhanced properties to improve the mechanical safety of their products. Traditional copolymer acetals cannot compete with the benefits that Delrin® provides to the industry.

Our dedicated Delrin® industry pages go into great detail about the attributes of Delrin® that make it ideal for particular applications.