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Low Emission Technology

Features of Delrin®

Delrin® CPE – 'Best in Class' Low Formaldehyde Emission Technology

Delrin® CPE is the latest POM innovation that has revolutionised the acetal world

Every polymer has its own unique chemical scent which is known as a ‘released volatile’. It is the reason for the new car interior smell or the sensation you experience when you wear a new motorcycle helmet. Whilst seemingly normal, there is increasing pressure to reduce these volatile emissions for increased user safety.

Leveraging pioneering low formaldehyde emission technology, designers and engineers can achieve a reduction in volatiles released from acetal in confined spaces such as automotive interiors, home environments and more. Additionally, Delrin® CPE offers best in class performance against test standard VDA 275.

VDA 275 explained

It is possible to measure and compare the performance of any polymer in terms of released volatiles and one of the test standards to do this is VDA 275.

  • Sample test pieces of acetal are put in a closed 1L flask of distilled water and stored at a steady temperature for a certain amount of time.
  • The flask is then cooled. Any released formaldehyde will have dissolved into the water and a sample of the water can then be analysed.
  • The lab equipment used to detect the released formaldehyde is a spectrophotometer. Certain lengths of light waves are put through the distilled water sample. Light can pass through or be absorbed depending on the amount of formaldehyde is in the distilled water (measured in mg/kg).
Distrupol VDA explained
VDA Test
Delrin CPE low mould deposits

Lower mould deposits with Delrin® CPE

It is natural when moulding any acetal to experience a build-up of white deposits on the mould tool face. This will require routine maintenance and cleaning which can be cost both money and time.

With Delrin® CPE, molecular level modifications mean there is a reduction in the build-up of white deposits, meaning less required maintenance, less down time and improved part quality. 

Delrin® CPE for Automotive

Delrin® CPE technology continues to set standards for low emission polymer requirements, and this is in particular demand in the automotive sector. Delrin® homopolymer acetal is a vital material for car interior applications.

To discover more about Delrin® in automotive applications, visit our dedicated Delrin® Automotive section.

Delrin® CPE is the optimal material choice to improve the environment you travel in whilst leveraging the excellent mechanical properties Delrin® homopolymer acetal has to offer.

Interactive image
Seatbelt Release Buttons

Air Vents

Sunroof Slide Surfaces

Seatbelt Adjustment Mechanisms

Internal Window Mechanisms

Indicator Arms

Control knobs

Delrin CPE

Improved user experience in many applications with Delrin® CPE

Face shield pivot components and air vents in motorcycle helmets rely on Delrin® homopolymer acetal for its low wear, low friction and low noise properties. Traditional Delrin® grades emit volatiles which contribute to the smell and feel of the product.

Delrin® CPE reduces the volatile emissions by up to 70%, which is a huge leap in emission technology, supporting a more comfortable and natural user experience.

Other applications where low emission technology is extremely valuable include medical inhalers, food contact applications, household products, children’s toys, aerosol assemblies and zippers.

Delrin CPE 100 series

Delrin® 100CPE: high molecular weight with ultra-low emissions and best in class mechanical properties.

Many design engineers from different industries prefer to use the Delrin® 100 series for its best in class mechanical performance: unmatchable by any copolymer acetal. The newest addition to this group is Delrin® 100 CPE (MFR 190°C, 2.16 kg = 2.3g/10min), which shows a 70% reduction in released volatiles, setting new standards for many industries.

Delrin CPE 100 series 2
Delrin CPE 500 series

Delrin® 511CPE: ease of processing with ultra-low emissions, short cycle times, high dimensional stability and fatigue resistance.

The Delrin® Eleven series delivers much faster cycle times, low creep, high impact and the highest tensile and flexural modulus of any acetal on the market. It is also easily processable (MFR 190°C, 2.16 kg = 14 g/10min). The emission improvement technology has reduced the specialized, nucleated Eleven series’ emissions by up to 70%. No medium molecular weight copolymer acetal is comparable.

Delrin CPE 500 series 2

Other features of Delrin®

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