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Low Water Absorption

Features of Delrin®

Delrin® homopolymer acetal for water contact applications

Delrin® homopolymer acetal is extremely suited to cold and room temperature water management devices in all environments. Homopolymer acetal has a natural quality of extremely low moisture uptake when compared to polymers such as polyamides. Due to this low water uptake attribute, Delrin® homopolymer acetal remains dimensionally stable and retains its mechanical properties, compared to other polymers which see a drop in rigidity and tensile strength properties.

Delrin® and potable water contact – the superior solution

Many polymers are used in potable water contact applications as they deliver properties other materials cannot provide. Against metal, for example, plastics do not corrode or rust and provide longevity in use. From a manufacturing point of view, working with thermoplastics such as Delrin® homopolymer acetal is less labour intensive in comparison to forming metal pipes and fittings.

Delrin® is also an ideal polymer material as it complies with most well-known potable water standards set by the local authorities and regions:

Delrin low water absorption

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