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Delrin® for Consumer Applications

Delrin® for home and consumer goods

Delrin® homopolymer acetal is a superior polymer for any home or office applications where components need to slide and move, due to its super low friction, low wear and reduced noise properties. Alongside its sustainability attributes, Delrin® is the obvious polymer choice for home and office furniture and consumer goods designers.

Why Delrin® homopolymer acetal is superior for consumer facing goods

Engineering quality into products with unique features gives manufacturers the ultimate competitive edge. Delrin® acetal delivers attributes which improve functionality and provide a quality feel to the product.

With sustainability becoming increasingly important for manufacturers in all industries, challenging designs with more sustainable materials and environmentally conscious processing can effectively be achieved with Delrin® acetal.

Delrin consumer

Delrin® in action

Farming and Domestic Irrigation Farming and Domestic Irrigation Whether industrial or domestic, caring for crops requires routine maintenance and watering. Effective watering can be achieved through a standard garden hose or slightly more sophisticated irrigation systems. Irrigation systems for the home have beco... Read more
Safety Helmet Buckles Safety Helmet Buckles Any product with a clipping action such as the helmet safety buckle mechanism is a highly suitable application for Delrin® acetal. Moulded from Delrin®, the clip will give the most positive and secure fitment than any other unfilled poly... Read more
Sliding Door Rollers Sliding Door Rollers For sliding doors – wardrobe doors, cupboard doors, glass doors in homes etc. – high strength under load and low wear and friction properties are imperative for correct functionality. Delrin® acetal homopolymer can deliver these ... Read more
Hinge and Lock Mechanisms Hinge and Lock Mechanisms Modern window designs provide seamless and effortless opening and closing functionality. Windows need to maintain this efficiency over a long period of time and the steel hinge construction will rely on the sliding bearing surfaces that Delrin®&n... Read more
Cabinet Drawer Slides Cabinet Drawer Slides When you open modern day furniture drawers, in the home or office, you will notice the attention to detail on how the drawer slides open and close, and how they gently come to a stop. This detail is achieved with smart engineering and componentry tha... Read more
Zips Zips You will find Delrin® homopolymer acetal in plastic zippers as the teeth are very small in detail. The extra rigidity that is provided by Delrin® makes it the ideal material for this application. Compared to acetal copolymer, Delrin® a... Read more
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