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Delrin® for Industrial Applications

Delrin® for mechanically engineered industrial applications 

Mechanically engineered products require a polymer which exhibits the highest mechanical properties possible; Delrin® homopolymer acetal is the solution. For applications such as bearings, connectors, gears, actuators and many more, the mechanical advantage of Delrin® over standard copolymer acetal makes it the superior choice.

Delrin® in action

Pneumatic Piston and Actuator Components Pneumatic Piston and Actuator Components High speed assembly lines rely on many pneumatically operated pistons and actuators to move and assemble components. These devices will move and actuate thousands of times a day. Part failure would result in a line stop situation, so these products n... Read more
High Strength Mechanical Gears High Strength Mechanical Gears Gears are the obvious and well-known application area for Delrin® homopolymer acetal; the acetal brand has truly excelled in this area. Delrin® was the first acetal type to replace metal machined gears with its advanced mechanical proper... Read more
Food and Water Contact Conveyors Food and Water Contact Conveyors Conveyor belts and their links are a natural fit for Delrin® acetal because of the polymer’s inherent mechanical strength and low wear and friction properties. Some food processing conveyors also benefit from its dimensional stability, even... Read more
Low Friction Bearings Low Friction Bearings Bearings are the perfect application for Delrin® homopolymer acetal due to its advanced low wear and friction properties. Bearings provide a surface that guides an interacting surface without creating friction and restricting its movement. The De... Read more
Pneumatic Fittings and Connectors Pneumatic Fittings and Connectors Compressed air is used in many manufacturing facilities to drive assembly lines, for air powered tools, injection moulding machines and more. Usually, there is one air compressor that feeds air to multiple points of the plant, with air lines made out... Read more
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