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Metal Replacement

Delrin® POM acetal homopolymer bridges the gap between metal and plastics with a unique combination of mechanical properties. The advantageous properties of Delrin® make it ideal for applications such as gears, clips, fasteners, bearings, conveyor belts, switches, handles, screws, springs, valves and much more, across an extensive variety of industries.

Spotlight on Delrin®:

  • High tensile strength, stiffness and creep resistance
  • Significantly higher impact resistance
  • Dimensional stability due to low moisture pickup
  • Low friction
  • Service temperatures from below -50°C to +90°C (intermittent to 120°C)
  • Low emission grades
  • Lower molecular weight*

*Lower molecular weight also results in a significant improvement in melt flow rate (MFR) and mouldability, allowing for thinner and lighter part design, shorter moulding cycles and the potential for cost reductions.

Invented in 1960, Delrin® is widely used in many applications around the world today, including in the automotive, industrial, electronic, consumer goods and medical industries. It is a highly-crystalline engineering thermoplastic which is often specified for high load mechanical applications because of its stiffness, toughness and strength, without the need for reinforcement.

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DELRIN Metal Replacement Metal Replacement
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