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Suspension Systems

Vehicle suspension systems’ primary function is to maximise car performance and help to absorb bumps in the road to create a safe and comfortable driving experience. Jounce bumpers are an integrated part of a suspension system which absorb impact, dampen noise, and reduce vibrations by preventing the suspension components from fully compact during shocks or impacts from the road.

Using Hytrel® instead of traditional foam polyurethane (PUR) materials helps to deliver high elastic recovery, excellent fatigue and durability, and low stiffness variation over a wide range of temperatures.

Jounce bumpers made from Hytrel® (as opposed to PUR) demonstrate far lower part damage. In road tests, after covering 3,000km of cobble stoned roads the jounce bumper made of Hytrel® exhibited less than 3% permanent deformation, far below the industry target of 10%.

Spotlight on Hytrel®:

  • Improved mechanical performance
  • Excellent shape recovery
  • Excellent balance of stiffness and low temperature properties under strain
  • Thermally stable

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