Seed Encapsulation

PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) is the latest innovation in water-soluble polymers. Using the latest manufacturing technology, PVOH formulations comply with the European Standard CEN EN 13432 for biodegradation and compostability.

This makes it the perfect material for seed encapsulation applications. This supports efficient and effective farming and agriculture by providing a sustainable, nutrient-dense protective barrier for seeds to grow to their full potential. PVOH can be compounded with nutrients for added advantages in this industry.

PVOH products are safe, ecologically-friendly and cost-effective.

Spotlight on PVOH:

  • Cold water, hot water, rapid and slow dissolve
  • Melt flow rate of between 1g/10 min and 100g/10 min
  • Suitable for extrusion and injection moulding
  • Excellent barrier properties to Oxygen
  • Lubricous service, great for low-wear applications
  • European Pharmacopeia compliant
  • Compoundable with scents and nutrients
  • Bespoke formulations

PVOH is provided in custom-designed formulations across a wide range of industries including food, industrial, medical and more.

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Seed Encapsulation