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Protective Gloves

Durable and reliable protective gloves are required for a variety of manual handling work in the construction, logistics, transport, and waste management industries, amongst others.

There are strict requirements for protection, including from heat, chemicals, water, abrasive substances and more. Gloves also increase grip which makes manual handling safer and securer.

Dryflex® is the ideal polymer brand for this application due to the ability for Hexpol to produce custom compounds for the end-customer. For protective glove designers and producers, these requirements may include:

  • Excellent dry grip
  • Good wet grip
  • Flexibility for maximum dexterity
  • Good flow characteristics (to flow over cotton weave)
  • Good abrasion properties (against demanding surfaces)
  • Suitable for skin contact

For this particular application, a specialist compound was developed including carefully selected additives to add hydrophobic properties to the Dryflex® TPE, which enables appropriate grip in wet environments. In addition to this, thin wall sections and the requirement to flow over cotton meant that the TPE had to be high flow without compromising the mechanical properties.


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