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Power Electronic Housings

Power electronic and inverter casings simply provide a protective space for sensitive computer electronics that control the power from the batteries plus other functions. In addition, the housing must provide structural strength, electrical insulation properties and the ability to be coloured to EV industry norms (orange, grey and black). In the case of electrical failure and potential fire, grades of Crastin® PBT come with flame retardancy, based on non-halogenated chemistry.

Crastin® PBT provides all of the above and more, especially when it comes to Electro Magnetic Shielding. This type of shielding is required to protect the electronics inside the housing and sensitive electronics close to the power electronic unit. Some electronics emit electromagnetic energy that can disrupt other electronics and compromise performance. Crastin® PBT is a favoured polymer choice for such housing to avoid this issue, due to its compatibility with traditional surface coating technologies like aluminum sputtering processes and more.

Grades like Crastin® FR864NH also provide:

  • Flame retardency and non-halogenated based technology
  • Available in thermally stable orange, grey and black
  • Excellent CTI ratings up to 600v
  • Hydrolysis resistance versus standard PBTs
Crastin electronic housinsg

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CELANESE Power Electronic Housings Power Electronic Housings

Crastin® PBT is compatible with many EMC coating technologies to protect all sensitive electronics.

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