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Ostomy Bags

An ostomy is a surgery that makes an opening in the skin called a stoma. Stomas can be temporary or permanent and are usually of two types: colostomy and ileostomy. Both are pathways from internal organs to the outside of your abdomen. A colostomy starts in the large intestine, and an ileostomy starts in the small intestine. They both help solid waste and gas exit the body without passing through the rectum. Similarly, a urostomy helps urine leave the body without passing through the bladder. These types of procedures may be neccessary as the result of an illness, injury or digestive system problem.

A pouch or bag can be placed over the stoma to collect the waste which cannot be otherwise excreted. These are most commonly known as ostomy bags or stoma bags.

There are multiple polymer materials that are required to design and manufacture these types of medical products, and patient comfort is the highest priority. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is used for both the bag (as one of the materials in the layered system) and the snap fit connection system. 

Pharmalene® EVA exhibits the physical properties that stoma bag applications demand such as moisture and odour barrier characterists, tear strength, comfort and low noise, whilst also having medical approval.

Spotlight on Pharmalene® EVA:

  • Blow film extrudable
  • Good optical properties
  • Excellent elasticity, stretchability and sealability
  • Compliance with European Pharmacopoeia and USP
  • DMF (Drug Master File, type 111-FDA for all products)
  • Prior notice if product changes occur
  • Availability for plant audits
  • Long term sample retention and documentation

ENI was founded in 1953 to bring energy to Italy. Versalis is an ENI company based in Milan, and operates the chemical division focused on basic and intermediate chemical sectors, plastics, rubbers and renewable source chemistry.

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