High Voltage Connectors

DuPont™ Crastin® (PBT) provides exceptional dimensional stability combined with low creep, excellent electrical insulation properties and fantastic surface finishes.

Two grades have been developed specifically for high-voltage EV/hybrid EV connectors: Crastin FR684NH1 (25% glass-reinforced) and Crastin HR5330HFS (30% glass-reinforced).

Spotlight on Crastin® FR684NH:

  • Non-halogenated flame retardant (UL94 V-0 at 0.8mm)
  • CTI 600V (IEC60112 & UL 746B)
  • Tensile modulus = 9500 MPa
  • Low mould deposit
  • Excellent colour stability at high temperatures
  • Fully compounded colours: OR162/BK591/NC010/GY090/WT173

Spotlight on Crastin® HR5330HFS:

  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Increased stable dielectric strength over temperature
  • CTI 600V
  • Suitable for hot runner systems
  • UV laser markable (355nm)
  • Excellent colour stability at high temperatures
  • Fully compounded colour: OR516 (Orange RAL 2003)

Through modifications, both physical and technical, a vast range of Crastin® grades are available for a variety of applications, including electronics, electrical, industrial, automotive, sporting goods and medical devices.

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High Voltage Connectors