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High Voltage Connectors

Crastin® PBT provides exceptional dimensional stability combined with low creep, excellent electrical insulation properties and fantastic surface finishes.

Two grades have been developed specifically for high-voltage EV/hybrid EV connectors: Crastin® FR684NH1 (25% glass-reinforced) and Crastin® HR5330HFS (30% glass-reinforced).

Spotlight on Crastin® FR684NH:

  • Non-halogenated flame retardant (UL94 V-0 at 0.8mm)
  • CTI 600V (IEC60112 & UL 746B)
  • Tensile modulus = 9500 MPa
  • Low mould deposit
  • Excellent colour stability at high temperatures
  • Fully compounded colours: OR162/BK591/NC010/GY090/WT173

This grade can also be used for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) which use sensors to enhance driving safety. The low dielectric loss, low warpage and good laser welding propreties make Crastin® FR684NH ideal for this application.

Spotlight on Crastin® HR5330HFS:

  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Increased stable dielectric strength over temperature
  • CTI 600V
  • Suitable for hot runner systems
  • UV laser markable (355nm)
  • Excellent colour stability at high temperatures
  • Fully compounded colour: OR516 (Orange RAL 2003)

Through modifications, both physical and technical, a vast range of Crastin® grades are available for a variety of applications, including electronics, electrical, industrial, automotive, sporting goods and medical devices.

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