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Foamable Hytrel®

Polymer foams are extremely lightweight and versatile, highly durable, and mildew resistant, making them the perfect solution for the increased demand for high-quality consumer products for growing and aging populations.

Foamable Hytrel® combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics for better resilience, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and foamed properties. It is compatible with multiple processing options, including bead, sheet, and injection foaming methods.

Unlike foamed materials that rely on chemical foaming agents, new foamable Hytrel® is produced using CO2 and N2 gases, which are part of the time-tested and proven supercritical fluid (SCF) process. This offers the following benefits:

  • No residues from chemical foaming agents in the final products
  • No VOCs are emitted, so GWP (Global Warming Potential) is reduced
  • No odours or allergens present
  • Skin-contact compatible foam material
  • Applying the high efficiency SCF process to Hytrel® creates a closed-cell foam that offers lower environmental impact, expanded performance, and greater design freedom

Featuring reduced weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength to weight ratio, and noise reduction, foamable Hytrel® is widely used in sporting goods, and offers excellent possibilities for consumer goods, automotive, and furniture applications.

Hytrel properties after foaming
Hytrel Eco B


  • Up to 15% greater resilience than TPU foam (up to 80% resilience vs. 65% for TPU foam)
  • Lower density without compromising hardness. Density values of 0.10-0.16 g/cm3 (up to 20% lighter than EVA, and more durable)
  • Hardness values between 30 and 45 Shore C (10 points higher than expanded TPU)


  • Green process without chemical foaming agent
  • 100% Recyclable
  • No VOC concern

Not set up or ready to invest in the SCF process just yet?

Specialist masterbatches based on glass microspheres are also available that can be used to foam Hytrel® in more standard injection moulding and extrusion processes. Typical density reductions of 20-50% can be achieved without leaving unsightly surface finishes common of more traditional chemical blowing agents.

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