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Fluid Sample Tubes

When blood and other fluids need to be collected in medical environments for testing, they are collected and transported in these familiar tubes. The lids are coloured according to the samples being collected - and it is this part of the application that requires a rigid and reliable polymer such as Crastin® SC.

Traditionally made from commodity materials such as polypropylene, Crastin® SC provides additional qualities such as improved rigidity, which is important due to the robotic contact during the sorting, testing and sampling processes in laboratories, and gamma radiation resistance.

Spotlight on Crastin® SC:

  • High stiffness & strength
  • High dimensional stability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • GMP manufactured – ensuring sterility and repeatability of batches manufactured
  • Controlled formulation with strict change control protocols
  • Food contact statements (EU/FDA)
  • Testing to sections of ISO 10993 5-11, against parts of USP Class VI
  • Sterilisation data available

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