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Ergonomic Cutlery

The first two years of a child's life are filled with growth, learning and development, and supporting and encouraging this is every parent's priority.

One particular part of development is fine motor skill function - the movement and control of the hands and upper extremities. This includes holding, grasping, pinching and manipulating objects with the hands, and is often associated with hand-eye coordination. Babies and toddlers need a lot of playtime and practice to develop the small muscles needed for fine motor control.

Products which support the development of fine motor skills are essential, and Doddl® is the perfect example. Doddl® is a UK-based children's mealtime brand who specialises in the design of ergonomic cutlery and mealtime accessories for babies and toddlers.

Distrupol supported Doddl® with the material specification of their novel products, using ABS and TPE for the perfect balance of strength, durability and optimal haptics. 

Spotlight on Polylac® 757F:

  • High gloss, medium impact ABS
  • Food contact approved

Spotlight on Dryflex® A2 series:

  • Ideal for products with a soft-touch seal or grip requirement
  • Adheres to ABS
  • Colourable
  • Wide variety of shore hardnesses
  • Wide temperature service range

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