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Electric Vehicle Charging Cables

First invented in 1830, the electric vehicle is becoming increasingly popular amongst the sustainability-conscious population. Mounting pressure to reduce diesel and petrol consumption is undoubtedly a huge contributor to the growth in this sector, however, the fact that electric cars are becoming more and more accessible is also a factor.

Unsurprisingly, a lack of remote charging points previously deterred potential consumers, but this is no longer a concern. According to Zap-Map, there are now more than 30,000 charging points in the UK alone, with that number rising daily. A crucial component of both home and remote charging stations is the charging cable itself; Distrupol has the ultimate solution.

Elastollan® is a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) brand which features an extraordinary property profile combining elasticity with resistance over a wide range of temperatures. It is abrasion and impact resistant, has a good elastic recovery, is tear and kink resistant as well as oil and grease resistant. These properties make it ideal for this automotive/electrical hybrid application.

Spotlight on Elastollan®:

  • Three recommended products specifically for this application: Elastollan® 1188 A 10 FR, Elastollan® 1190 A 10 FHF 000 & Elastollan® 1176 A 10 FR
  • Flexible, even at low temperatures
  • Resistant against mechanical stress, microbes, weathering & humidity
  • Wide temperature range
  • Halogen-free & flame retardant
  • Easy to process & can be 'spiralised'
  • Recyclable
  • EN 50620 (British Standard for charging cables for electric vehicles) / EVM-1

BASF is the leading supplier of polyurethane (PU) basic products, systems and specialties. BASF has an extensive range of tailored systems and basic products for manufacturing cellular PU foam materials and compact polyurethanes. Their system solutions are optimised for technical application, and are economical, practical and service orientated.

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BASF Electric Vehicle Charging Cables
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