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E-Bike Metal Replacement

The e-bike market is seeing huge growth year on year with consumers choosing a more sustainable option to travel, especially in busy cities. E-bikes face similar challenges of the electric automotive industry, where it is important to charge as quickly and efficiently as possible. With this in mind, plastic has significant benefits to offer against traditional metal products.

E-bike applications in plastic include the bike frame, brake callipers, derailleurs, shifters, wheels and pedals

The use of plastic alternatives against traditional metal parts can reduce weight, increase battery range, aid mobility for folding bikes, reduce shipping costs, and improve user comfort.


Design freedom with plastics

  • Materials with high mechanical properties
  • Materials suitable for painting and secondary processes
  • Dimensionally accurate parts – low warpage and humidity absorption.
  • Materials with good processability for large parts

Spotlight on Zytel® PA:

  • Outstanding heat, chemical and electrical resistance
  • Excellent combination of toughness, stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Paintable
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Enhanced laser marking solutions

Spotlight on Zytel® HTN PPA:

  • Metal-like rigidity
  • Exceptionally high temperature resistance
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Paintable
  • Low moisture pickup versus traditional polyamides
  • Reduced heat ageing retaining properties over time

Zytel® HTN is available in seven formats. Each one has its own unique formulation bringing different properties:

  • 51 Series – best in class for temperature resistance and dimensional stability
  • 52 Series – high flow for thin wall section
  • 53 Series – high mechanical strength
  • 54 Series – high mechanical strength and toughness
  • 55 Series – high strength and low warpage
  • 59 Series – renewable content and high rigidity
  • 92 Series – long term thermal resistance

Zytel® HTN may not be quite as stiff as certain diecast metals, however the tensile strength properties of Zytel® HTN edge closer every year. The question is, do you really need the stiffness of metal?

Zytel HTN

The strength to weight ratio of DuPont™ engineering polymers can easily outperform most metals.

Zytel HTN

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