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Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are used in both industrial and domestic environments to protect electrical circuits and reliably cut off the power supply in the case of hazardous failures. Hazardous failures may occur following power surges or instances of continous overload. Crastin® PBT meets the high demands of this application and so is a highly recommended plastic material choice.

Circuit breakers need to be made from a polymer which is reliable and reusable in potentially dangerous scenarios where intense heat could cause a fire. When a circuit 'trips', switches need to be flipped again to reinstate power and safety, therefore polymer materials used for this application also need to exhibit rigid and strong mechanical properties and flame retardancy properties.

Spotlight on Crastin® PBT:

  • High stiffness & strength
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Excellent dimensional properties and stability versus moisture 
  • Excellent flame retardancy properties
  • Easy to process & colourable


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