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Antimicrobial Plastic

Microbes are tiny organisms that are almost everywhere. They're found in the air, in soil, in water and even inside our bodies. Existing for approximately 3.5 billion years, microbes have evolved to survive in a huge variety of habitats. Microbes can be categorised into 5 groups: viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi and protists. Whilst many microbes are actually beneficial to our health, some - as we have learnt firsthand over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic - can be extremely harmful.

Harmful bacteria, viruses and other microbes can be transmitted by touch and live on object surfaces. Think of how many times you touch objects throughout the day - light switches, car door handles, lift buttons, chopping boards, fridges, cups of tea, mobile phones, cutlery - the list is endless! Whilst we can take responsibility for our own hygiene by routinely washing our hands or using hand sanitiser, and clean surfaces with antimicrobial cleaning spray, we can now also rely on materials to exhibit antimicrobial properties.

Thinking again about all the objects you come into contact with on a daily basis - the majority of them are most likely made from plastic. With BACTiglas™ antimicrobial masterbatches from Wells Plastics, plastic can now be self-sanitising of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Spotlight on BACTiglas™:

  • Silver ion antimicrobial additive technology
  • Polymer carriers available: PE, PP, PS, TPU
  • FDA, EPA and EFSA food contact registration and approvals
  • Reduction in spread of healthcare acquired infections
  • Protection against cross contamination
  • Accelerated healing from wound dressings
  • Increased product lifespan and durability
  • Reduction in odour formation in synthetic fibres and sportswear
  • Superior consistency delivered by unique microscopic glass delivery system unique to BACTiglas™

Wells Plastics is a specialist additive masterbatch company based in the UK. With over 35 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing expertise in the plastics marketplace, Wells Plastics maintain a global supply position. Their additive masterbatches provide technical solutions across all processes and applications.

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WELLS PLASTICS Antimicrobial Plastic