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Sleep Apnoea Masks

Sleep Apnoea is a sleeping condition marked by abnormal breathing during sleep. People with sleep apnoea have multiple extended pauses in breath when they sleep, which causes gasping, snoring and low-quality sleep. It also affects the body's supply of oxygen, potentially leading to serious health consequences.

Mild sleep apnoea may not require treatment, however in most cases a CPAP machine is issued. A CPAP machine gently pumps air into a mask you wear over your mouth or nose while you sleep. This improves breathing during sleep, improves the quality of sleep and reduces the risk of problems associated with sleep apnoea.

Hytrel® is a superior material for the mask’s framework as it ensures the mask remains well positioned on the patient’s nose and mouth during the duration of sleep. The combination of elasticity and rigidity properties provide an excellent balance of comfort and support.

Spotlight on Hytrel® SC:

  • Inherently flexible (plasticiser-free)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely durable / excellent flex fatigue resistance
  • Medically approved and sterilisation appropriate
  • Easy to colour and process

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