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Primary Ridged Packaging

INEOS Eltex® MED Polypropylene grades are suitable for a wide range of applications including inhaler parts, caps and closures, tubes and primary packaging of medical and pharmaceutical applications. 

Specific advantages and features of Eltex® MED include certification and regulation, tested grades, change control and support.  

Spotlight on Eltex® MED 100-MG12:

  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • United States Pharmacopoeia USP class VI
  • Drug Master File
  • Formulation disclosure under secrecy agreement
  • Continuity of supply and formulation (2 years)
  • Notice of changes (2 years)

Founded in 1998, INEOS is one of the world’s largest chemical companies and is a leading producer of olefins and polyolefins. INEOS also offers a full range of high value polyolefin solutions for applications in food and industrial packaging, pipe and automotive.

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INEOS POLYOLEFINS Primary Ridged Packaging
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