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Auto Injector Dampeners

Auto-injector pens provide a fast, easy, reliable, safe and repeatable method of injecting medicine. Allergies are the most well-known reason for carrying and using an auto-injector pens. In this instance, they contain adrenaline (epinephrine) which can be administered should the user come into contact with anything they are allergic to.

As part of the mechanics of auto injector pens, Hytrel® acts as a ‘dampener’ to stop the fired internal spring from impacting the pen case. This reduces noise and damage to the pen mechanism.

Additionally, Hytrel® can be used for a ergonomic, over-moulded grip on the outside of the pen for comfortable and stable handling.

Spotlight on Hytrel® SC:

  • Inherently flexible (plasticiser-free)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Extremely durable / excellent flex fatigue resistance
  • Medically approved and sterilisation appropriate
  • Easy to colour and process

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