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AGV Robotics Metal Replacement

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are used in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. They are autonomous (driverless) robotic systems that use lines / wires, radio waves, vision cameras, magnets, or lasers for navigation. In most instances, AGVs feature robotic arms / hands to assist in the performance of remote handling, telemanipulation, scanning, probing etc. AGVs are used in a wide range of manufacturing, warehousing, inspection, exploration, transportation and military applications.

Traditionally, AGV robotic hands are made from metal, however innovative advancements in polymer materials make them an ideal material substitution, with a variety of benefits. 

Zytel® HTN is an enhanced polyamide technology that bridges the gap between traditional polyamides like PA6 or PA66 technologies, and other exotic engineering polymers like PEEK.

Zytel® HTN is an ideal material for metal replacement applications, electrical motors and structural components, providing electrical insulation properties and lightweighting options at the same time. Also, for speed of manufacture, injection moulding Zytel® HTN will produce more parts per hour than casting or machining metal.

Spotlight on Zytel® HTN:

  • Metal-like rigidity
  • Exceptionally high temperature resistance
  • Enhanced chemical resistance
  • Low moisture pickup versus traditional polyamides
  • Reduced heat ageing retaining properties over time

Zytel® HTN is available in seven formats. Each one has its own unique formulation bringing different properties:

  • 51 Series – best in class for temperature resistance and dimensional stability
  • 52 Series – high flow for thin wall section
  • 53 Series – high mechanical strength
  • 54 Series – high mechanical strength and toughness
  • 55 Series – high strength and low warpage
  • 59 Series – renewable content and high rigidity
  • 92 Series – long term thermal resistance

Zytel® HTN may not be quite as stiff as certain diecast metals, however the tensile strength properties of Zytel® HTN edge closer every year. The question is, do you really need the stiffness of metal?

Zytel HTN Modulus
Zytel HTN Strength

The strength to weight ratio of DuPont™ engineering polymers can easily outperform most metals.

DuPont metal comparison

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