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Teknor Apex Company is a privately held company founded in 1924 and headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA.  Plants are based in the U.S., in Singapore, China and Belgium.

Teknor Apex is a diversified material science company using complementary technologies to serve common markets. Divisions are: Vinyl, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Nylon, Teknor Color Company, Chemical  and Garden Hose.

The Thermoplastic Elastomer Division of Teknor Apex Company offers the broadest portfolio of TPEs available from a single source, including TPE-S, TPE-V, TPE-U, TPE-O compounds, and other specialty blends. 

The brands are: Elexar® (electrical and electronics applications), Medalist® (medical devices), Monprene® (consumer and industrial products), and Sarlink® (transportation).

With a product range that feels like rubber, yet processes as easily as plastic. Teknor Apex specialise in offering customers the material properties they need, such as flexibility, durability and low compression set. By replacing traditional solutions with Teknor Apex TPE products, labour costs can be significantly reduced and improve your competitive advantage in the market place.


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