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Eltex® MED

The INEOS Polyolefins product slate contains PP (HPP, RCP), HDPE and LDPE for use in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Eltex® MED is an enhanced range of products dedicated to the medical market, the advantages of which include;

  • Dedicated materials
  • Grades guaranteed with long term availability
  • Most of the products comply with the European pharmacopeia
  • Most of the products are tested according to USP
  • These products are fully supported by a wide range of documents and certificates
  • Wide range of properties, mechanical, clarity, flow…
  • Various sterilisation options


Each medical application has to be discussed with INEOS before having the final approval that INEOS will support the application. It will not be possible to get any pharmaceutical documentation without this agreement.


The below list is giving an overview of applications where INEOS will give its support but cannot be seen as a confirmation or a delivery agreement.

Applications that INEOS support:

Applications that INEOS do not support:

  • Implants
  • Parenteral applications
  • Dialysis equipments in direct contact with blood
  • Catheters


  • DMF
  • European pharmacopeia
  • USP class VI
  • 2 years warranty

Specialised Medical Market Support

  • Dedicated sales and technical service support
  • No change of formulation unless forced by regulations

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