Polymateria™ is an advanced technology company developing a new standard in biodegradable plastics.

Through their proprietary Biotransformation technology, Polymateria have developed a new approach to ensuring that plastics that escape from the circular economy can fully biodegrade in the natural environment.

With a portfolio of revolutionary additives - designed for drop-in use - Polymateria’s mission is to advance science to help nature deal with land-based plastic pollution. Their portfolio includes brands DegrAid - designed specifically for end of life situations where recycling is not an option, e.g. sealant films, and Cycle+ - advanced biodegradation technology to different types of plastic, without affecting its recyclability within the product’s use life.

Supported by all appropriate certification and approvals, and subject to the most stringent testing processes, these innovative additives are transforming the landscape of biodegradability in plastics.


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