Biodegradable Drinkware

The irresponsible disposal of plastic products is a major concern for both the industry and general public. Making plastic products more sustainable and environementally-friendly is extremely important to plastic producers and distributors alike. On-the-go or disposable food packaging is one particular area of concern. These items are often thrown away irresponsibly, or 'littered'. 

Polymateria™ is an advanced technology company developing a new standard in biodegradable and compostable plastics.

Cycle+ is an additive for supporting biodegradability in long service life products (6 months - 3 years). It brings advanced biodegradation technology to different types of plastic, without affecting its recyclability within the product’s use life.

Spotlight on Polymateria Additives:

  • Food safe - FDA approved / GRAS statement
  • Recyclable - within the product’s useful life
  • Stringently tested – ASTM6954, ASTM5988 & OECD 202, 207, 222
  • Migration certification
  • No change to manufacturing process – ‘drop-in’ masterbatch
  • No impact on existing CO2 and H2O footprint
  • Simple and cost effective

Through their proprietary Biotransformation technology, Polymateria have developed a new approach to ensuring that plastics that escape from the circular economy can fully biodegrade in the natural environment.

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Biodegradable Drinkware