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REACH - Suppliers' Statements: S to Z

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Sabic REACh Statement PP QR68K 009000 January 2015
Sabic REACh Statement HDPE M100053 00900 January 2015
Sabic REACh Statement PP 48M40 009000 January 2015
Sabic REACh Statement PP FPC55 00900 January 2015
Sabic REACh Statement PP PHC31 00900
Sabic web link

Rapid Purge/Schlicht REACh Statement June 2012
Rapid Purge/Schlicht SVHC Statement June 2010

Shell REACh Update 2012

SIBUR REACh Statement March 2012
Sibur/Gazprom REACh March 2012
Sibur/Gazprom REACh March 2012 - Further Grades
Sibur/Gazprom REACh March 2012 - Balance of Grades


Solvay REACH Statement October 2011
Solvay SVHC Statement January 2012 

Solvay SVHC Statement January 2013

Sumika Polymer Compounds:
Sumika Polymer Compounds REACh/SVHC Statement January 2015
Sumika Polymer Componds REACh/SVHC Statements July 2014

Ter Hell Plastics GMBH
Ter Hel Plastic REACH SVHC Statement  December 2013

Teknor Apex:
Teknor Apex REACh/SVHC Statement Sarlink December 2014
Teknor Apex REACh/SVHC Statement December 2014
Teknor Apex REACh/SVHC Statement June 2014

Certification available on request - please contact your local Distrupol office.

Total Petrochemicals:
Total REACh/SVHC Statement Polyethyene December 2014
Total REACh/SVHC Statement Polystrene June 2014
Total REACh / SVHC Statement June 2014
Total PS  REACH Statement Feburary 2013
Total petrochemicals web link

Transmare REACh Statement January 2015

Treffert REACh/SVHC Statement January 2015

TVK Plc. SVHC statement for TIPPLEN, TIPELIN & TIPOLEN December 2015

Unipetrol REACH & SVHC Declaration November 2009 - Mosten PP
Unipetrol SVHC Statement June 2010 - Liten, Mosten

Unigel REACH Statement October 2008
Unigel SVHC Statement November 2008

VERNEOS REACh Statement June 2012

VTC Elastoteknik:
VTC Elastoteknik REACH Statement December 2008
VTC Elastoteknik SVHC Statement December 2008


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