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REACH Suppliers' Statements: E to R

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Eastman REACH/SVHC Statement June 2012
Eastman web link

Esseti Plast:
Esseti Plast REACH Statement

Elasto UK
Elasto SVHC Statement January 2014
Elastogran REACH Statement

Elastogran web link

ExxonMobil REACH/SVHC Statement various grades Escorene Ultra, ExxonMobil PE December 2013 

ExxonMobil REACH/SVHC Statement Misc PP and Extral grades December 2013 

ExonMobil REACH/SVHC Statement mixed grades Excorene Ultra, ExxonMobil PE December  2013

ExxonMobil web linkf

Gabriel Chemie:
Gabriel Chemie REACH Statement July 2014
HJ Enthoven:
HJ Enthoven Reach Statement June 2012

Helmut JuraPlast REACh/SVHC Statement June 2012

INEOS Compounds:
INEOS Compounds REACH Statement Febuary 2013

INEOS SVHC July 2011
INEOS REACh July 2011

INEOS Polyolefins:
INEOS Polyolefins REACH/CVC Statement December 2013
INEOS Polyolefins web link

Kolon Plastics Inc:
Kolon Plastics REACh Statement Feb 2011

Lotte Chemicals:

Lotte Chemicals REACh Statement January 2013  

Lotte Chemicals REACH/SVHC Statement December 2012


Lucite:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Lucite REACH/SVHC Statement (UK) January 2014  

Lucite REACH/SVHC Statement (Nordic) January 2013
Lucite REACH/SVHC Statement(BV) January 2013

Lucite web link

Neutrex Inc:
Neutrex Inc. REACH Statement received Dec 11

Polimeri Europa:
Polimeri Europa REACH Statement July 2012
Polimeri Versalis REACh SVHC June 2012

PolyOne REACH SVHC Statement March 2013

RTP SVHC Statement June 2012
RTP REACH Statement June 2012

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